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It’s important to foster a close relationship with your veterinarian, but not all cases can be handled by a regular vet.  Some require specialized care.

Aimee Kidder is the newest doctor at Southeast Veterinary Specialists.  She doesn’t handle annual shots or preventative care.  As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Kidder steps in for the more complicated cases.  She says, “We have the ability to do more advanced diagnostics and we do have additional specialty training beyond vet school.”  Internists like Dr. Kidder focus primarily on the diagnosis and chronic treatment of organs in the abdominal cavity.  However, they can cover a wide range of cases from gastrointestinal diseases to respiratory problems.

“A lot of what we do in medicine is endoscopy.  So we can diagnose gastro-intestinal diseases by looking at the inside of the stomach or the inside of the intestine with the scope and getting biopsy samples.”  In one case, in which Dr. Kidder uses endoscopy to determine what’s bugging a little dog named Oddie.  A look through the esophagus and into his stomach reveals the culprit: a children’s foam dart.  Together, Dr. Kidder and her assistants remove the foreign body piece by piece.  Thanks to the specialized care, little Oddie is on the mend.

Dr. Kidder says most of her cases are referrals from a primary care veterinarian, however, in emergency situations, you can always bring your pet to a 24-hour facility like SVS.

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  • annshirley33

    Great posts! I have a really great vet that I trust, but if my cat were ever to fall extremely ill or suffer from a very serious injury I would opt into finding a specialist that caters specifically for his needs. I am in the process of comparing pet insurance plans and I will definitely be asking about specialists and specialized visits that can become part of my package.

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