Love it, Like it, Hate it: Ranch Dip

Chips or crackers served up with dip is an easy answer for any tailgate or game-watching party, but our choice of dip can make it or break it, nutritionally speaking.  Today we’re Getting the Skinny on the best & worst of one of the most popular of the dips:  Ranch dip!


DIY Ranch Dip

Plain lowfat Greek yogurt mixed with Ranch packet (swap out sour cream for Greek yogurt, cup-for-cup)

Ranch dip packet adds just 5 calories per two-tablespoon serving

Per 2 tbsp:  25 calories, <1 gram saturated fat, 1 gram carb, and 3 grams protein



Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

This brand looks like it’s a healthy option, but it’s not really made with true Greek-style yogurt.

Ingredients:  Greek yogurt (cultured milk, cream, modified corn starch, pectin, locust bean gum, carrageenan, live active cultures), water, canola oil…. sugar… modified corn starch…

Per 2 tbsp: 60 calories, 5 grams fat, 1.5 grams sat fat, 2 grams carbs, 2 grams protein


Kraft Creamy Ranch Dip

No one probably thinks of this is a ‘health food’ of course, but who would guess that it has more oil and corn syrup than anything else?

Ingredients: Water, partially hydrogenated coconut and soybean oil, corn syrup, whey protein concentrate

Per 2 tbsp: 60 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 3 grams sat fat, 3 grams carbs, <1 gram protein


Marzetti Single-Serve Ranch Dip

These ‘single serving’ cups may provide portion control, but each little cup packs in more calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger!

Ingredients:  Sour cream (cream, modified food starch, gelatin…), soybean oil, vinegar, sugar…

Per single-serve carton: 330 calories, 36 grams fat, 9 grams saturated fat, 6 grams carbs, 3 grams protein: