It’s time to admit that ‘Redskins’ is offensive

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If a name was found to be highly offensive to a certain group of people, would you continue to use the name? If people were used to the name, would that make it less offensive?

The Washington Redskins – namely owner Dan Synder – have a major dilemma on their hands. The name of Synder’s team, the Redskins, is offensive and every single American knows this.

It’s clearly a derogatory name.  Even Washington Redskin fans acknowledge that. 60% of residents in the DC region say the name is offensive. Nearly 75% say if the name was changed, it would not affect their support of the team.

Personally, I like the name of Washington’s NFL team but, then again, I was never asked to think about the name and if it was offensive. It obviously is.

You don’t have to have an organized group of people against the name to know it’s wrong. It is 2013 and it’s not about “political correctness;” it’s about simply being correct. And respectful of other Americans – namely Native Americans.

Think about a derogatory name that describes your ethnicity. Could you imagine an NFL team with that name? I didn’t think so.

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