Historic Leonidas Neighborhood To Get HD Crime Cameras

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A major crime-fighting initiative is head to a New Orleans neighborhood that arguably needs it.

Thanks to some generous donations, dozens of HD crime cameras will be installed in Historic Leonidas.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has more on the plan and reaction from neighbors.

“I tell it like it is, especially an old senior citizen, somebody like me,” said long-time resident Willie Mae Dickerson.

Yes indeed. Ms. Willie Mae has been telling it like it is in Historic Leonidas for decades.

In her 71-years she’s seen a lot of crime.

On the lighter side there have been robberies.

“If we want something we had to work for it, but now they want to take something don’t belong to them,” Dickerson explained. “See what I’m saying? “I don’t think it’s fair.”

And there have been murders; like the high profile death of 11-year old Arabian Gayles, shot while sleeping inside her General Ogden Street home.

18-year old AmeriCorp member Joseph Massenburg was shot and killed on Eagle Street while talking his cell phone.

“I heard a little girl on gen o got killed and one on Wood Street got killed, and a couple on by my, three, four house got killed on Monroe Street,” Dickerson said.

A plan is now in motion that will help.

The area will soon become part of the Project NOLA HD Crime Camera Network.

“This is one of the areas that’s truly in need, Project NOLA Director Bryan Lagarde said. “We’re talking about really good people; unfortunately really bad crimes have been happening around here.”

A 10-thousand dollar donation from a local business will pay for 40-new cameras in the neighborhood.

“We thought this was the best way to make a contribution, to help the city and help this particular community,” Westway Group, LLC. Chief Financial Officer Thomas A. Masilla said.

“I think we are all seeing on the news how the crime cameras are working to catch criminals more quickly and to help the police department with that job,” New Orleans Councilwoman Susan Guidry said.

The crime cameras will be strategically placed on homes, and businesses.

Trotter asked, “Do you think it’ll work? I hope so. I pray and hope so,”  Dickerson said.

Installation of the cameras will begin as soon as possible.

Project NOLA is looking to hear from Leonidas homeowners who are willing to host.

For more information contact Bryan Lagarde (504) 298-9117.