Good Morning New Orleans

Overnight Crash Mangles Cars, Kills One

A crash early Tuesday morning left two cars mangled in the St. Claude neighborhood of New Orleans.  Police say a 28 year old man was driving a white Ford Taurus on Poland Ave. and another man was driving a black Chrysler 300 on St. Claude.  The vehicles collided, causing the Chrysler to hit a pole.  The driver of that car died on the scene, while the driver of the Taurus was taken to the hospital.  He’s listed in stable condition.  Blood and alcohol tests are pending.


1 Comment to “Overnight Crash Mangles Cars, Kills One”

    RK King said:
    October 29, 2013 at 4:19 PM

    We never know when our time here will be up. Who would ever think that you'd talk with someone one day and the next day they'd be gone. This accident was beyond explanation. Something of this nature is never expected and is totally unavoidable. May the one who lost his life in this horrible storm be safe now, in the arms of God, away from any and all accidents. Blessings, love and condolences to his family and love ones.

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