New Orleans Mother Fights To End Bullying

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A New Orleans mother is on a crusade to end bullying at her daughter’s school.

She says her 12-year old has become physically ill from stress related to being bullied.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke with the concerned parent… and he has exclusive audio recordings of the response from school leaders.

“I don’t feel that’s fair to my child,” parent Regina Broussard said.

She’s talking about her 12-year old daughter being bullied at Milestone SABIS Academy Charter School.

She says the 7th grader has been the victim of physical and verbal abuse so much in recent weeks, that she’s afraid to walk the halls; from one class to the next.

“I just can’t imagine how she feeling,” Broussard said.

It’s gotten so bad, she says her daughter is too afraid to go to lunch; because she may bump into her nemesis and her instigating friends.

“She just insists, and keep on and one picking on her,” Broussard explained. “And she told her she don’t want to fight her.” “The little girl was so bold and she told the Principal and one of the other ladies who work there, ‘Yeah I want to fight her, I want to fight her.” “I feel they should get her mom, and get a parent conference with her mom and me with our kids to resolve the situation.”

But Monday when she met with School Principal Catherine Boozer she says this was the recorded response.

“You guys can set that up on your own, but I will not bring parents in here for that for the simple reason, I’m putting everybody in harm’s way,” a woman is heard saying in a voice recording. “What if somebody come in here with a gun?”

Broussard said, “I feel like she was being judgmental to be honest with you because why would you even say that?”

In a statement, the principal says, “Milestone SABIS Academy does not tolerate bullying of any kind.” “The school has a clear anti-bullying policy, and works actively with all students to foster an environment of inclusiveness.”

But — it’s a policy Broussard says is not working.

She wants school leaders to do more before it’s too late.

“Things happen, “You don’t know what the next step, if one or the other may get hurt, or one or the other may get tired and my commit suicide, you know. Why would you want that on your conscious when you could try to fix it and resolve it.”

The victim in this case was taken to the hospital Friday after she passed out at school due to stress and dehydration, her mother believes are results of bullying.

Broussard says the School Principal has spoken to both students and threatens the alleged aggressor with expulsion if the bullying continues.

Broussard wants school leaders to do more.


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    Can't get the video to play. I'll have to try at home? Anyway, the principal should have that meeting. I can't believe she'd tell the parent to do it on their own.

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