Feds Charge St. Tammany Parish Coroner with Six Felonies

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After a long investigation on the North Shore St. Tammany Parish coroner Dr. Peter Galvin now faces federal charges.

Galvin is charged with conspiracy to commit theft of property from a municipal institution.

Galvin is expected to officially resign in one week.

No longer necessary, Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany Parish President Rick Franzo led a recall petition drive needing 54,000 signatures, “We were on course to achieve that number. You look at the numbers and you look at the expenses and you can see he`s sitting on a stock pile of money.”

The coroner was charged in a bill of information rather than by a grand jury, which often indicates the accused in cooperating.

We did need to get to an end on it so we can move forward,” says St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister. “The transparency of what we do day to day is something we owe the public.”

Brister says when making a ‘new’ budget plan for the coroner’s office, parish leaders uncovered an alarming discovery, “There was I think 1.3 million dollars ‘more’ they had. You can use that to kind of gauge how much excess funds there may have been.”

The first deputy coroner takes over operations within 20 days until a ‘special election” determines a new parish coroner.

“Number one, we can move forward,” says Franzo. “Number two, the tax payers finally get a resolution to a problem that has been turmoil to this community for quite some time”

In all, Galvan is facing six felony counts.

If convicted he could serve up to five years in prison.