Two Teens Booked For Bringing Loaded Gun To School

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Two North Shore teenagers are in police custody and facing felony charges.

They’re accused of bringing a loaded handgun to school.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter was at Mandeville Junior High School after the incident.

He shares how the situation was handled.

Once the situation was under control, students at Mandeville Junior High couldn’t help but talk about the loaded hand-gun police recovered at school.

“It was actually showed away in the ceiling tile above the sink in the boy’s bathroom,” Mandeville Police Lt. Gerald Sticker said.

“I was kind of shocked I guess I wasn’t expecting to hear a gun was at school,” Mandeville H.S. student Dylan Warder said.

Rumors about the revolver surfaced at the start of school, around 7:30am.

Concerned students told a school resource officer, he told school administrators, and they told parents.

“The school called immediately with an automated response,” one parent said.

“I did get a call I was notified immediately, I feel good about that and they’ve allowed me to come check my son out today,” another parent said.

The school was placed on lock-down for about two hours.

While Mandeville Police did a sweep of the school in search of additional weapons and answers to questions about intent.

Trotter asked, “Had there been any threats at the school? Not that we’re aware of,” Sticker replied. “From what we know now there’s no specific target.” “There’s nobody in immediate danger.”

But there are two students in big trouble.

A 13-year old seventh grader and a 14-year old eighth grader were taken into custody.

“It is a different era; kids are bored they don’t have anything but electronics they don’t go outside much,” neighbor Kathleen Thomas-Congdon said.

Kathleen Thomas-Congdon lives across the street.

She sums up trouble at the school to a parenting problem.

“I’ve had seven children and every one of them are doing fine. It’s because I had a lot of tough love. Going, hunting them down, middle of the night,” Thomas-Congdon said. Trotter asked, “Sometimes you gotta snoop?” “Yeah and I snooped a lot,” she replied. “I’m a snoopy mom.”

Both teenage suspects have been charged with felony possession of a firearm on school property.

Leaders with St. Tammany Parish Schools are praising the way the situation was handled.