How Would You Sell NOLA to the NFL for 2018 Super Bowl?

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The three finalists to host the Super Bowl in 2018 are in, and New Orleans, to no one’s surprise, is in that number.  But what is surprising is our competition.  The other two finalists:  Minneapolis and Indianapolis.  How do we convince the NFL that we should be their pick?  Honestly, it should be a slam-dunk.

If you like your Super Bowl served cold–and possibly snowy–you want to be in Indiana or Minnesota come February 2018.  As Scott Nolan of Metairie told us, “We have the better climate, we know how to handle big events, and we’re a lot more fun.”

Case closed, you might think.  Ah, but there was that little fiasco involving the Superdome going dark for about half an hour during the last Super Bowl.  And you can be sure reps from Minneapolis and Indianapolis are going to bring that one up.  Bradley Latham of New Orleans says not to worry.  He would tell the NFL, “We fixed that problem.  You learn the lessons of your mistakes.  Next time, we’ll be better than ever”

The NFL will make its final decision on 2018’s host city i=during its owners’ meeting set for mid-May of next year.