Brees’s record remains unchallenged

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Drew Brees 1Remember when Drew Brees set an all-time NFL record for longest streak of games with a a touchdown pass?  That record is safely his today.  The only challenger anywhere close, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, snapped his own run at the record Sunday, two games shy of Brees’ record.  Brady’s Patriots went down to their first defeat of the season at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, a loss that weighed even more heavily on Brady’s mind.  When a reporter asked Brady about snapping that touchdown record, he simply answered, “I bummed we lost.  that’s all that matters.”

Meanwhile, it’s another day of rejoicing for Saints fans.  Not only is their quarterback’s touchdown record safe, but the Saints are now undefeated for the first time since their Super Bowl run four years ago.  And on top of that, the Saints dominated the Chicago Bears on the Bears’ home turf, proving the Saints’ road-worthiness against a tough team inside an equally tough stadium.

Said smiling Saints fan Kandi Francis Monday morning:  “We made Bear gumbo.”  And fans all over the metro area seem to like the taste of that.

In the end, Brees’ touchdown record stats stack up this way:  brees has 54 consecutive games with a touchdown pass, Tom Brady ended his run Sunday with 52.  And next in line, but far down the list, is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Mannin, with 28 games with a touchdown pass, and still counting.  But he has a long way to go.