Plaquemines Parish Shrimper: “Mandatory Evacuation Was Unnecessary”

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Thanks to what was once Tropical Storm Karen dissipating, Plaquemines Parish has called off all evacuation and curfew orders.

“I never leave for no storm,” says Pointe à la Hache native Jerome Miller.

Miller and his fellow shrimpers are at the end of the road, down the east bank of preparing the shrimp boat “Violation,” one of few who ignored a mandatory evacuation order.

Miller says the order turned out to be unnecessary: “Typically It would be nothing but boats. Boats from one end of this harbor to the other end.  A lot of people coming home right now.”

The lifetime shrimper says people who live and work in Pointe à la Hache  want a stronger levee system for peace of mind, so lives aren’t turned upside down when uncertain storms, pose uncertain threats.

“From that wall all the way down to Phoenix we need a levee,” Miller says. “It’s not high enough.  We don’t have a levee back here. If our councilmen people would do something about it, people  wouldn’t have to run.”

According to the Plaquemines Parish website, with the reduced threat of Tropical Storm Karen all evacuation and curfew orders have been lifted in Plaquemines Parish as of 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 06, 2013. The Belle Chasse Auditorium closed as a shelter as of 9:00 a.m.

The Empire Flood gate is currently being opened.