$1,000 Reward Offered For Lost Stuffed Dog

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Winston Von Bark

The owners of a lost stuffed dog are offering a $1,000 reward for his safe return.

The dog’s name is Winston. He was lost in the French Market on the corner of Governor Nicholls and French Market Place in the French Quarter.

The stuffed animal was last seen on September 28th at 2pm.

If found call (601)810-7401 or email winston@goldfish.id.au


  • Esco

    That's a shockingly high reward for a lost stuffed animal. I wonder what makes it so valuable to the owner.

  • Lindsey Birch

    I am one of the owners. This dog is a symbol is a symbol of my marriage. He means more to my husband and I than our wedding rings. How much would you pay for a reward if you had lost your wedding ring? It's a long story and maybe weird to some people but he is more valuable than anything we own. Please see http://www.findwinston.info or https://www.facebook.com/doggyvonbark or https://www.facebook.com/findwinstonvonbark if you'd like any more information or email lindsey.birch@yahoo.com or winston@goldfish.id.au if you possibly know his whereabouts. This reward is very real. Please please please if you are in the New Orleans area share this story in the hopes that someone will recognize him. He fell out of my bag and I was back in that spot within 5 minutes of dropping him. He was spotted being picked up by a male in a group. I know there were a lot of Dolphins fans in the Quarter for the Monday Night Game. Perhaps a Dolphin fan picked him up?? I have been trying non-stop to find him ever since. I'd like to say a big thank you to WGNO for posting this story. My husband and I are eternally grateful.

  • Cloudy

    Hope someone found him and returns him soon. Good luck, Winston & owners! Different objects mean different things to people, I don't see anything weird about offering a high reward for the return of a beloved toy dog.

  • Joe

    People develop attachments to pets, cars, collections of who-knows-what, so I understand completely that some people are just as attached to their stuffed animals. Winston sounds like a stuffed dog that holds a lot of love from many people. I hope he is returned to them.

  • Franklin

    I'm one of Winston's friends from across the pond. His owners are desperate to find him, as are we. He is a well travelled doggie with friends across the world. Hoping he's found soon. If anyone could share this article to help find him I'm sure his owners would be very grateful.

  • Kathy

    Don't think is silly at all to be offering a reward for Winston. Sounds like there's an awful lot of sentimental attachment to him and am very sorry that he's been lost. Really do hope the person who found him realizes just how important he is to you and returns him. I know if I lost anything with a lot of sentimental value to me I'd be really sad, so hope you get him back.

  • Jan Blackmore

    I understand how horrible it would be to lose what is clearly something very important to this couple even if to some it is just a stuffed animal. Lindsey I do hope you find Winston very soon, don't give up hope. I will certainly share this with my friends. Good luck in finding him. This would be such a great story if we could get him back.

  • Vicki

    Please whomever found Winston, please turn him in or I hope you see this to let this couple know what happened to him i.e. if you turned him in, etc. Saying prayers for his safe and rapid return

  • Julianne

    Please help Winston find his way home. He is very important not only to his humans but to all his friends around the world. I have never seen such an outpouring of love and hope before. This needs to be taken seriously so Winston can be reunited with his people. #findwinston

  • Jessie-B Robson

    oh, poor people. what a terrible thing to happen. i too have fluffy friends that are very dear to me. i've had some of them since i was a child. i hope you find your dog soon. i can imagine how heartbroken you must be feeling.

    Good luck!!!

  • Jane Currah

    Such a sad story. I have a little bear that is nearly 40 years old and he goes everywhere with me. I would be distraught if I lost him and would pay whatever to get him back. Good luck LIndsey – I really hope you get him back soon xx

  • Susanne

    I wish you all the best and really hope he will come back to you!
    I´m from Germany and can´t speak with people in New Orleans – I just can hope.

  • Vanessa S

    This little dog must mean so much o his owners – he is very precious to them. Let's just hope he is found and returned

  • Charlie

    What a heartfelt plea; who could ignore that? I hope you get some good news soon and that whoever took Winston sees how much he means to you

  • Andrea Heffe

    Winston need to get home to his family. Please set him free and take da reward! That stuffed dog means nofin to you but da world to da owners.

  • ana

    I think he is very special, and it would be great news if he can be recovered!!! Simple things can be the most meaningful and special!!!

  • Edward T Lewis

    I hope you find him soon and that where ever he may be now that he is being cared after and loved, but sounds like he could never be given as much love as you both have given him. Praying for the little one to find his way home to his family

  • Sophie

    I hope that someone sees this and helps Winston find his way home. He brings a lot of joy to a lot of people in his community.

  • Bongo Munkey

    I have shared this page on my FB as this story is now becoming Viral. I wish Winston & his keepers a happy reunion as soon as poss. Munkey Hugs. xx

  • Claude Chambers

    He is sorely missed by not only his Family but all his Facebook and Twitter friends too. Please help find our friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen French

    Hope you get home soon Winston. I do hope whoever has you sees this and returns him. You must be sorely missed. I would do the same if it was one of mine gone missing xxxx good luck

  • Terry

    Here's hoping Winston finds his way home to his humans soon. I hope the person who picked him up in New Orleans quickly realizes that Winston already has a family and they miss him very much.

  • pashiat

    SINCERE thanks to WGNO for helping to SHARE Winston's story!! May God bless & be with you for caring!! I WILL remember you ARE one of the FEW that serve the people!! THANK YOU!! They NEED all the help they can get because WINSTON's being RETURNED is WORTH anything!! LOVES Toni D Pashia Charleston SC

  • A little ape

    Let's face it, the great big apes that run around our planet are not always rationale. Thankfully this isn't always a bad thing and can make our world a more fun and playful place. Let's celebrate our eccentricities! Hope someone in the know spots this and helps doggy to dash home soon.

  • Bongo

    We are friends of Winston and his owners and he is a much loved by them both. Whilst to some people he is only a stuffed toy he means so much more to them,

  • Hiro

    Hopefully someone will see the picture and help reunite this little dog with his family – even without the reward. #findwinston

  • TourGuideTed

    I AM a bear like Winston & I travel all over all the time. I KNOW (I insist) that my human assistants would be devastated to lose me and would do whatever it takes to get me back (so much so I wear an ID tag that I hope someone would not just ignore). Winston can't just have disappeared so spreading the word and offering a reward is all his own assistants (or owners if you must) can do in order to find him.

    I really hope he is found soon, spreading the word is their best hope. My paws are crossed!!

  • George

    Hope Winston is reunited with his family soon. My Teddy Bear is my faithful friend and I would be devastated if I lost him

  • Tdance

    If everyone could share that would really help! You never know who will see it. It's time to get Winston back home!!

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