Why are our politicians debating climate change?

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Did you know there is only one organized group of people on the planet that question if man has helped contribute to global warming? Yep, just one group, and they come from the same country. In all the world, only the extreme right of the Republican Party in America questions global warming. No one else questions this phenomenon, just the wacky right of the Republican Party.

Every single country on the planet and every single university in this country and the world acknowledges that man can and does influence the planet.

It’s not a theory, it’s a scientific theory, and yes, there is a major difference between the two.  A theory is unsubstantiated or speculative.  A scientific theory is well-substantiated and based off of knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed. Hundreds of the world’s top climate scientists believe global warming exists and that man is influencing it greatly with a dramatic increase in greenhouse gasses the last half century.

But it’s funny: politicians we don’t generally trust are refuting a consensus within the scientific community. The wacky, fringe right of the Republican Party thinks they are scientists now.

If your child gets sick, are you taking him to go see Steve Scalise or a doctor? When you can’t find a single group of scientists on the planet who disagree with these findings why would you question it?

Let’s make a deal.  We’ll leave science to the scientists and politics to the uninformed.