Former Model Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery

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Dean Kelly will soon be released from jail on probation.

The former model has pleaded guilty to sexual battery and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has reaction from District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

“As a female student, I think there should maybe be a little bit more awareness generated about this,” Isabel Terkuhlu said.

University students near the Uptown home of Dean Kelly’s parents are reacting to news that the former model has stuck a deal with prosecutors that will ultimately set him free.

Kelly had been accused of rape.

Monday in court he pleaded guilty to sexual battery and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

He could be released as early as Monday evening or sometime Tuesday.

“It’s a tough call,” neighbor Dean Wolcott said. “There must have been a reason why they didn’t want to go through the trial.”

District Attorney Leon Cannizarro is pleased, saying a prolonged process could have interrupted healing for the two victims.

“The benefit is that the victims of the sexual offenses are not required to come back to court and have to testify and I think that a very very big plus for them, because you never have to relive a very horrible experience that she had to go through in the first place,” Cannizzaro explained.

Kelly had faced two counts of forcible rape, kidnapping, and pornography involving juveniles.

He was accused of using text messages, and phone calls to lure women into meeting him.

Prosecutors say Kelly also promised victims access to movie sets and VIP parties.

The conditions of his release require that he register as a sex offender, and he’s banned from using social media sites.

“And anytime should he violate any of the conditions of the probation the judge will in all likelihood put him in jail for a period of up to ten years,” Cannizzaro said. “So it’s a very good result for us.”

“That’s comforting definitely I mean I guess that’s all they can really do at this point,” Terkuhlu said.

“I trust the system so I have to assume they got the best deal they could get,”  Wolcott said.

Cannizzarro says if Kelly violates his probation he’ll be considered a multiple offender; and would face mandatory penalties without the chance of a suspended sentence or probation.

Attorneys for Kelly were not available for comment before Monday night’s broadcast.