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Common Core For Louisiana Kids Is Rotten To The Core

Just when you think it is safe to once again trust the government of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal’s BESE & School Superintendent John White go and do something so mind numbingly arrogant, Narcissus would blush. The latest aristocratic insult is the force-fed adoption of what are called Common Core Standards. Common Core is a We are the World scheme dreamed up by the kleptocrats at the U.N. to “standardize testing” among schools because only a global standard for overpriced public education can keep the well-head of tax dollars flowing to the planet’s governments. For his part, White has intimated that anyone opposing Common Core is uncommonly stupid and un-American to boot. (1)

White seems to believe that taking local then state control of “education” requires the U.N. to sanction the “standards”, then have them adopted by the Federal Leviathan, then transmitted to White & the BESE board, then transmitted to the Parish school boards then transmitted to some teachers who then begin this mystical process by forcing kindergartners to sit motionless for 2 hours (2) while their “educator” lectures them on the merits of learning 2 + 2 = 4; because someday they will compete with their Finlandish counterparts for jobs at KFC.

Then there is the real hulking elephant in the room: is “public education” now just the bureaucrats way of saying “cradle to career continuum” (3)?  Education, in the classic & cultured sense of the word, is the enrichment of the human mind and spirit by acts of devotion, discipline and rigorous study. Jindal, as a Rhodes Scholar should know this. Though Jindal claims to “share teacher and parent concerns” (4), he must agree with White that Louisiana’s kids must “compete internationally” (5) though our aristocratic, bayou overlords never explain precisely why Louisiana kids benefit from comparing their test scores to kids in New Delhi, unless we hope to relocate customer service call centers to New Iberia.

(1) See statement of White, John, LA Superintendent of Schools, 22 May, 2012, Response to Fawn Johnson’s article in the National Journal on May 14th regarding the Common Core State Standardshttp://excelined.org/news/response-by-louisiana-superintendent-john-white-regarding-common-core-state-standards/#sthash.SjMoLPvU.dpuf  “States are responsible for education systems that increase student achievement, and most have asserted the importance of the Common Core initiative as part of a states-led revolution in our field. Nothing could be more important or more American.”

(2) See Professor Nicholas Tampio, Huffington Post, 05 July, 2012, Do We Need a Common Core?  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nicholas-tampio/do-we-need-a-common-core_b_1497854.html  “In February, my son’s class was selected to pilot a reading program designed to satisfy the Common Core criteria. The teacher started dedicating two hours a day to packaged lesson plans. Rather than giving the students free work choice, in which they build with blocks or paint, the students must sit on the floor while the teacher lectures at them.”

(3) See Duncan, Arne U.S. Secretary of Education, 4 November, 2010.  The Vision of Education Reform in the United States: Remarks to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris, France  http://www.ed.gov/news/speeches/vision-education-reform-united-states-secretary-arne-duncans-remarks-united-nations-ed

(4) See Samantha Thibodeaux, SPED teacher from St John Parish, speaks out about CCSS, Jindal, White & Duncan, 22 Sept. 2013. http://crazycrawfish.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/samantha-thibodeaux-sped-teacher-from-st-john-parish-speaks-out-about-ccss-jindal-white-duncan/

(5) See statement of White, John, LA Superintendent of Schools, 22 May, 2012, Response to Fawn Johnson’s article in the National Journal on May 14th regarding the Common Core State Standards.