Rivertown Theaters Opens New Season with ’42nd Street’

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“What’s great about our building is you can get here in ten minutes from anywhere, it’s easy to park and we’re the cheapest ticket in town for the best shows in town,”  says Gary Rucker, Managing Director of the Rivertown Theaters.

Rucker and partner Kelly Fouchi began managing the Rivertown Theaters last July. Now in their second season, they’ve kicked things off with the musical 42nd St.

“If you like tap dancing, singing, acting… it’s a huge production all rolled into one fabulous show,” says Danielle Schibe, choreographer of the show. “It’s a very nostalgic show when you come to the theater you’re going to hear a lot of songs you might be familiar with, ‘Shuffle off to Buffalo’ and of course, the title song ‘42nd St.”

In their second season of performances the Rivertown Theaters boasts such big name shows as Annie and Young Frankenstein as well as an original production called Under the Boardwalk.

“That’s just on the main stage, there’s the Children’s Theater and we have some guests coming in. It’s going to be a really full year, which is a good thing but in being so busy time just flies. Its everything we wanted it to be,” says Rucker.

“It’s really a great venue and we are trying to make it a Main Street USA as part of the state national program and this theater is one of the jewels down here that’s helping us become a Main Street,” says Kenner Mayor Michael Yenni.

“You know when you put new life into a building, even though it’s not an old building, when you put new life into it that attracts new people as well as re-engages people who may have left before so I think it’s a win-win for us as city government speaks and it’s a win-win for the theater and they couldn’t have picked a better show to open with,” says Yenni.

42nd St. runs through September 28th. Tickets may be purchased by calling the Box Office  504-461-9475 or visiting www.Rivertowntheaters.com