7th Ward Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

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N. Derbigny New Orleans Police are investigating a shooting in the 7th Ward.

It happened shortly after 2 o’clock on N. Derbigny Street.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details and reaction from people who live near the gunfire.

New Orleans Police and homicide detectives fanned out at the intersection of N. Derbigny and St. Anthony streets.

They were carefully searching for clues in the aftermath of an afternoon shooting.

Trotter asked, “How many shots? About 15 times.” “I heard the gun pow, pow, pow, pow. I went back in,” neighbor Tony Clements said.

Neighbors in this 7th ward community say it’s not the first time their lives have been interrupted by gunfire.

Sophia Clements paints the grim picture.

“Unfortunately this is always happening, consistently every day. Day time, night time, morning, evening and it doesn’t matter,” Sophia Clements said.

“People killing each other and fighting too much,” Tony Clements said.

Police say the victim was 25-years old.

He apparently was trying to escape the hail of gunfire, when he collapsed in the rear of a vacant lot.

He’d been struck multiple times.

“He’s black, he’s black laid out down there,” Tony Clements said.

“They really and truly have my condolences and I’m really sorry for them because I don’t think anybody should lose their life; especially to violence,” Sophia Clements said.

Clements says the level of violence here is unsettling.

“The way it is not, I’m not only scared for my life, but for the safety of my children,” she explained.

It’s the reason why she and her children have moved away, but she’s still concerned about her father.

He lives yards away from where the shooting happened.

“She said daddy, I want you out of here,” Tony Clements said. “I’m going home with my daughter now.”

Detectives are tracking leads to develop a suspect, and a motive in the case.

If you can help, call Crimestoppers (504) 822-1111.