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The Most Expensive Diamond on the Market is in New Orleans

The most expensive diamond currently on the market is for sale in the Crescent City.

“Blue diamonds are extremely rare and 99.9% and that’s not an exaggeration are under one carat, so to find one that’s not only over one carat but over ten carats is truly extraordinary,” says Bill Rau, CEO of M.S. Rau Antiques on Royal Street in New Orleans.

The blue diamond itself is 10.06 carats, it’s surrounded by pink and white diamonds and set in platinum and rose gold. It costs $9.85 million dollars.

“It’s from the same mines as the famed Hope Diamond that’s in the Smithsonian, except, it’s actually a better diamond than the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond is not nearly as clear as this one. This one is VVS-1,” says Rau.

“It’s something that if you offered me twice as much money and said give me another one, it couldn’t be done.” That “Royal Blue,” named for Royal St. is truly a one-of-a-kind gemstone.

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