Brennan’s Gold Sign on Royal St. Comes Down

It was a big move to take down a small sign on Royal Street.

The historic gold plated name is now gone from the legendary Brennan’s restaurant location, taken down Monday.

Neighbor Brandi Boyd saw the empty space where Brennan’s gold sign once was, “This is my grandmother’s favorite restaurant. Makes me feel like my grandmother would be terribly sad.”

Three months has passed since Brennan’s closed after the current ownership under Pip Brennan was evicted.

His attorney Vic Welsh tells WGNO, the plan is to one day re-open Brennan`s somewhere else.

Welsh says ongoing litigation prevents knowing “when” and “where” the original Brennan`s will re-open.

A source close to WGNO also says brother Ralph Brennan plans to open a new restaurant in the same building on Royal St.

“I think the sad thing is the family doesn`t realize that we all see them as Brennan`s,” says Boyd.  “So this affects everybody`s name.”

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