Houma Police Launch Free Crime Fighting App For Residents

September 5, 2013 | Updated: 10:42 p.m., September 5, 2013

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“Twenty windows were shot out of automobiles in this area and one of them was mine,” says Mary Lynn Stewart.

Stewart lives in a quiet Houma neighborhood, but even there she’s not immune to crime. It’s why she joined the neighborhood watch years ago and why she’s now applauding the police department’s effort to alert residents of crimes as they happen.

“People need to know that right away so that they could be on the lookout, they can take precautions themselves,” says Stewart.

Police Chief Todd Duplantis launched the department’s first ever free crime fighting application. It hit the Andriod market weeks ago, was available for iPhones days ago.

“We, through our Neighborhood Watch Programs, have been going in to the communities telling people where the crimes are. We’ve been going and telling them, but this is actually putting it in the palm of their hands,” says Chief Duplantis.

Not only are details and suspect photos and descriptions at the palm of your hand, you could also send in tips, and navigate through crime maps.

“If they want to be aware of what’s going on in Houma I think this is a way that we could notify them real time,” says Chief Duplantis.


“Not only the law abiding citizen, but I feel like the criminal is going to know that hey I’m watching more closely now and I better give anything I plan to do a second thought,” says Stewart.

Since the launch, Houma Police have made one arrest and continue to investigate several tips.

To install the application on your smartphone just visit the App Store and type in: Houma Police. If you don’t have a smartphone register here.