Persuit to Catch a Slidell Park Gunman Shifts into High Gear

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Police identify a man they say narrowly missed shooting two people in a Slidell park.

A tip Wednesday led them to a house on Beachwood Drive where 19-year-old Michael Cooper was thought to be held up.

Turns out he wasn`t there.

Cooper is wanted for chasing down and opening fire on two people in a vehicle at Ducksworth Park.

The intended victims escaped unharmed on foot.

But thanks to eyewitness accounts Slidell police say they were able to pin-point Michael Cooper as the trigger man.

“When several shots rang out in that area we had several witnesses call 911,” says Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith. “In the nearby housing authority, they were very cooperative and gave us the information and the vehicle description.”

Witnesses say Cooper drove off in a dark green Chevy Suburban.

Smith won’t confirm earlier reports Cooper shot at the wrong people: “We’re not sure if it’s exactly that, as a mistaken identity.”

Slidell Police are warning that anyone who may be helping Cooper will be in big trouble, too.