What’s It Like On A Musician’s Tour Bus?

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Ever wanted to go inside a rapper or rock star or pop star’s tour bus?  News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez takes you inside.

When not on stage or in the recording studio, the tour bus is where Rappers K.Flay and Sirah hang out.

“We’ve almost come to blows several times.  You know fist fights,”  Sirah said.

See…even the famous fight like family.  But seriously, their bus is like a little home on wheels.

The tour bus is fully equipped with a lounge area, bunk beds, a bathroom, and a work space.

K.Flay didn’t start rapping until college.  She went to Stanford University.

“It was a formative experience for me.  Not to down a college education but you can still be a well-versed perosn and astute regardless of what kind of education you’ve received,”  K.Flay said.

She’s schooled in rhymes and she’s knowledgeable about the party lifestyle on the road.

K.Flay’s news EP is called, “What If It Is”.  She’s excited for you to hear it (click here for iTunes, click here for Amazon).

“It crosses different lines of styles and themes, which I think is cool,”  she said.

Sirah’s new EP is called “Inhale”.

Both performers are currently on tour with Swedish electro-pop duo,  Icona Pop.