Our commitment to education will reduce the crime in New Orleans

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New Orleans has a violent crime problem. New Orleans has a very large violent crime problem. After nearly a half century of not educating our kids in the public school system, we’ve been dealing with the consequences, or result, of that neglect. decades of uneducated kids, decades of violence.

But all of that is about to change. We’re about to experience the first group of teenagers that have been educated exclusively in the post-Katrina New Orleans public schools system.

Over the next 3-5 years we will start seeing a dramatic decline in New Orleans violent crime. More education and less ignorance can only produce such results. There is no other reasonable answer.

A bigger brain on a human being increases the good things in life and decreases the bad things. It’s not hopeful thinking or wishful thinking, it’s logical thinking.

For decade after decade New Orleans public schools ranked at or near the bottom of all public schools in America. We simply weren’t educating kids. Year after year. Decade after decade.  That’s a long time.

Now, thanks to Katrina wiping the slate clean, we abandoned the old, crooked, dysfunctional system and embraced a new system that is being copied in the metro area, the state, this country, and literally, the world.

We have the “state of the art school system” that everyone else wants.  Soon we’ll be seeing the results of finally educating our kids for a change. And a major reduction in violent crime will be a big part of that result.