Crimestoppers Hopes Star Power Will Lead To Safer Streets

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Crimestoppers uses money and educational program to help solve crimes and curb violence.  Now the group is hoping a little star power will help further the cause.

“Do something for your community.  Do something for where you live,” New Orleans’ own Dr. John says in a video statement announcing an upcoming concert.

Dr. John will join another successful New Orleans musician, Bobby Rush, for a benefit concert at Generations Hall on September 11th.  The two will be performing a new song they’ve recorded together called Another Murder In New Orleans.

“The money is going directly back into our crime fighting programs,” said Crimestoppers local president Darlene Cusanza.

“This is a great idea,” Rush says in the same video statement as Dr. John.

“Enough is enough,” Dr. John says at the end of the video.

Tickets for the concert start at $50.  You can order online — or download the song — by logging on to