Irvin Mayfield is Bringing Some Love to Local Charities

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A packed audience.

Love sessions is underway at Irvin Mayfield’s Palayhouse at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

This event happens yearly to mark Hurricane Katrina.

Irvin Mayfield says, “My dad was a victim of Hurricane Katrina, and I was looking for a way to give back and make this anniversary be more than an event that just happened.”

100% of the ticket revenue goes to non-profits.

New Orleans Public Libraries Director, Charles Brown says, “It means a great deal to our libraries.  It covers the cost of many programs, especially programs dealing with literacy, childhood literacy in particular.”

The library is in particular near and dear to Mayfield’s heart because it’s where he began his musical roots.”

Mayfield says, “I would take these cassette tapes and I would study them, the solos.  I would learn how to play from all these guys, and I got all these recordings from the library.”

That’s exactly the kind of success that the New Orleans Public Library wants to see happen with future generations.

Raising $25,000 last year, it’s believed it’s highly possible with this year’s turnout.

Brown says, “We are trying to work with the youngest members of our community in particular to make certain that they get all the skills they need for success at school and become familiar with books and reading and the joys that those can bring.”

Irvin Mayfeild’s Love Sessions continues at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in the French Quarter this week through Thursday, the Katrina anniversary.