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Good-Bye and Good Riddance to Housing Developments

There were once ten and soon there will be none.  I’m talking about public housing developments in New Orleans.

We once had ten different major facilities in the city limits.    St Thomas, St. Bernard, Fischer, Calliope, Lafitte, Melpomene, Magnolia, Florida, and Desire.  All gone.

The only one remaining is the Iberville and it’s being demolished as we speak.  The last of ten major developments in our city.

Just a generation ago the city had all ten public housing projects up and running.   Crime, despair, and hopelessness ruled the day. Now nine of the ten don’t exist and the 10th, the Iberville, will be gone soon.

Unimaginable just a few short years ago and now a reality.  New Orleans no longer has major public housing projects.  Remember the old status quo? New Orleanians fighting to keep the city and Feds from tearing them down?  Thank goodness that  good-for-nothing crowd no longer wields any power in our wonderful city.

The Iberville, probably the most significant of all the projects, sits just a block from our tourism engine, the French Quarter.  For generations it has single handily kept Rampart Street and the Quarter itself from reaching its potential.  And now it’s on it’s way out.

There were once ten projects in New Orleans.  After they finish tearing down the Iberville, there will be none.  And that is great news for all of us in metro New Orleans.


1 Comment to “Good-Bye and Good Riddance to Housing Developments”

    CommonTater said:
    August 27, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Who transcribes these stories? And why does nobody proof-read the transcription?
    But what really plagues this story, over and above the simple-minded repetition (is this dude getting paid by the word??), is Kaare's commentary being built upon the supposition that everyone who lived in the Iberville housing development is a bad person.
    Why does WGNO want such slanderous personal opinion cluttering up its "news" site?

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