Merritt Landry’s Lawyer Asks WWYD?

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A Faubourg Marigny man accused of shooting an unarmed teenager returned to court Friday afternoon.

Merritt Landry made — what may best be described as — a brief and routine appearance in court.

He’s accused of shooting a teenager last month on the Landry’s property on Mandeville Street.  According to neighbors, the teenager scaled the fence that surrounds the Landry family’s home at about 2:00 in the morning.

According to police records, Landry fired a single shot at the teenager.  Those records also show the shell casing from the fired round and the teenager’s blood on the ground were about 30 feet apart.

The shooting has touched off a string of rallies near the Landry home on Mandeville Street.  Last Thursday evening, a pair of dueling rallies brought conflicting messages to the area — some supporting Landry;  others saying he opened fire too quickly.

Landry replaced his original defense lawyers with attorney Kevin Boshea in mid-August.  Boshea says Landry has not attended, and will not attend, any rallies involving the case.

Next week, during a preliminary hearing, Boshea plans to call witnesses to testify about the events of the night of the shooting, including some NOPD officers.

Landry lives in the home with his pregnant wife and young daughter.

Boshea also asks, regarding the NOPD report citing the 30 foot distance between the teen’s blood and the spent shell casing, “How close would you allow an intruder to get?”