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Tears of a racist rodeo clown

It is sad day in America when a rodeo clown can no longer perform at a state fair. We are now living in a country that is suffocating from the deadly grip of political correctness.

Last week, a video of the Missouri State Fair surfaced on You Tube. It showed a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask, having fun. The announcer asked the crowed if they wanted to see the President “run down by a bull.” This is not racism; this is typical of the harmless entertainment provided by rodeo clowns.

Of course, the professional agitators in the NAACP and the liberal media did not see the antics as harmless, they complained and yelled racism. In fact, the complaints were so intense the clown was banned for life in Missouri. In addition, the rodeo association President and announcer resigned from their positions.  To add insult to injury, in the future, all rodeo clowns must undergo sensitivity training. Will Missouri hire Reverend Al Sharpton, the king of racial grievance, to teach Obama mask sensitivity? Ironically, Barack Obama once donned a mask of his likeness for an episode of Saturday Night Live. No one called for the President to submit to sensitivity training.

Truly, this whole story is ridiculous. It is quite said that comedians or clowns are not allowed to make jokes about President Obama or have fun at his expense.  Because the President is half Black, it seems his defenders believe he is off limits to all comedy. For the past five years, late night comedians have been very reluctant to lampoon Obama; yet, many of these same comedians had a field day with Republican Presidents such as Reagan, G. H. W. Bush and G. W. Bush.

Republican Presidents were also the target of rodeo clowns. For example, in 1994, at a Pennsylvania rodeo, a George H. W. Bush dummy was torn to shreds by a rampaging bull. In response, there was no outcry from the media or from the race hustlers in the NAACP.

In this case, the NAACP has called for the Secret Service and the Justice Department to investigate the clown for his antics. If the Secret Service has nothing better to do than investigate a clown, our country is in serious trouble.

At least one politician is not cowering in fear of the NAACP. U.S. Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) invited the clown to perform in Texas. He called the NAACP demands “silly” and recommended that the Justice Department and Secret Service ignore the calls for an investigation. As Stockman noted, “We can’t get the Justice Department to look at Benghazi, so it would be ironic that the Justice Department would investigate a clown.”

All Americans should remember we have a First Amendment right of free speech. This amendment protects all sorts of speech, even comedy. Thankfully, the United States of America is a constitutional republic, not a monarchy or a dictatorship. Our Presidents are public servants and work for us. If we want to make fun of them, it is not an act of racism; it is our right as an American.

By the way, political parodies are as old as our country. Our first President, George Washington, was mocked by the satirists of his era.

Barack Obama should not be given any special treatment because he is an African American. He should be treated like every other President, no better or worse. He should receive praise from his supporters, and criticism and ridicule from his opponents. It is a tradition as old as our republic and it should not be sacrificed just because some liberals are upset with the innocuous antics of a rodeo clown.


4 Comments to “Tears of a racist rodeo clown”

    BeEtLjOoZ said:
    August 17, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Reblogged this on #BattleOfOurTimes.Com.

    Lisa Wu said:
    August 18, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    I think it's more racist that anyone would assume this to be racism, as if it were because the president happens to be black rather than simply because he is the president. These are people who immediately see race first in everything. It's obsessive and somewhat sick.

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