We don’t care for the elderly like we should

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You know what’s scary?   How America treats its elderly, especially when compared to other countries.

Take Japan for instance.  They seem to grasp the concept pretty clearly.  The elderly deserve our respect.  They’ve earned it.  They have already finished all the stuff we are all in the middle of doing.   They’ve lived life.  They’ve experienced many things.  They’ve got the answers.

In Japan, the elderly are revered.  They are respected.  And they aren’t, in most cases, shipped off to an old folks home.

Here in the United States its different.  We don’t seem to care for the elderly like we should.  We almost think of them as an afterthought. ‘They’ve done this life thing that I’m in the middle of.  No time for them.’

A recent study was released ranking the United States’ nursing homes state by state.  According to this report, Louisiana’s nursing homes, when compares to the rest of the country’s, rank 49th!   Louisiana has the 2nd worst nursing homes in the country.

If America falls way behind countries like Japan when it comes to caring for the elderly, and Louisiana is at or near the bottom here, what’s that say about us?   Nothing good, I promise you.

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  • sue wintet

    I am absolutely horified at what is going on in the nursing home and I will not stop until they have better regulatilns they are physically abused mentally abused they eat stuff that you would not feed your dog oh and if you have any money or valuables guess what so So don’t get Mr started on the health cate

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