Record Bass Caught At City Park

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City Park announced a new record bass was caught in the park this week.

The park says angler Tim Zissis landed the bass after a five-minute fight on August 14th at about 3:30 in the afternoon.

According to the park’s announcement, Zissis began fishing at the park as a little boy with his father and brother.  When Zissis was 16-years-old, his father died.  Now, fishing trips to City Park are his way of getting in touch with his dad and reviving fond memories.

On the afternoon of the big catch, Zissis reported getting a big hit on his homemade frog lure but losing the fish.  Moments later, after another cast, he got a second bit hit in the same spot and set the hook.

The previous record for a bass at City Park was 9.0 lbs.  Zisses’ catch narrowly set a new record by weighing in at 9.05 lbs.


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