The Youngest ‘Yogis’ in New Orleans

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Taking a moment to breathe and relax is just as beneficial to children as it is for adults. That is exactly why The Yoga Room on Freret St. is offering kids yoga classes Tuesday nights at 4pm.

“Just slowing down, taking care of their body and stretching is a key component that they enjoy that is not a part of a lot of sports that they participate in at this age,” says Robyn Schwarz. She has two children enrolled in kids yoga and sees the rewards first hand.

“I think a lot of kids have a lot of anxiety and stress, there’s a lot of homework, you know you go to school, it’s a stressful environment, so it can build a lot of self-confidence that you can take with you,” says studio owner Melanie Fawer.

The age range of students is typically 5 to 10 years old, but the youngest yogi is just over 3 years old.

“To start building awareness of your body as well as your mind at such a young age is invaluable, some of us live our whole lifetime without figuring that out,” says Fawer.

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