Mark Ingram

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New Orleans Saints Running Back Mark Ingram

Post-Practice Media Availability

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can you assess what you guys did on the ground in the first quarter?


“We moved the ball pretty well.  I picked up (a conversion) on a third and one.  We got down in the red zone and we wanted to score a touchdown, but we had to come away with a field goal.  I think overall we took some good things away from the game.  We had a lot of positives and there were a lot of things to learn from on the film.  We just want to keep improving and that’s what it is all about.”

Coach Payton said it was a sloppy performance on Friday night. Are you guys focusing on details in meetings?


“Yes, you just have to have guys that know where they are going when the huddle is broken.  They have to get lined up, get set up quicker, and know what they are doing.  It was kind of sloppy.  We had to have a guy on the field when there were 10 guys on the field or we were missing a wing on a punt, things like that.  Everybody has to be on the same page communicating on the sideline.  We just have to clean that stuff up, but that stuff happens in the preseason and that’s why we have the preseason and training camp so we can clean that stuff up and get it all out the way each week.”

How many plays did you guys do with an emphasis on the outside zone?


“I ran it one time and then I had an inside zone.  I had two, I picked up a third and one and it was an outside zone as well.  But I think throughout the whole game the offensive line blocked it well and all the runners ran the outside zone pretty effectively throughout the whole game.  I think it is paying off for us.”

Do you think you guys are in a good spot?


“I think we are getting on the same page with it.  I think it was productive for us in all phases.  From the first quarter to the fourth quarter, I think we had some positive runs from the outside zone.  Obviously we can still get better at it, but it did well for us.”