New Orleans woman creates NFL-legal purses for game day

Shannon Markward is a huge Saints fan and when she heard about the new NFL purse rules less than two months ago she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She had never designed a purse before, but using the NFL rules of no bigger than 4 and half by 6 and a half inches she came up with a fashion-forward black and gold look and found a sewing contractor on the West Bank to make the purses.

Sales have taken off.  She’s says it’s amazing how much stuff she can fit into the tiny purses: “I test drove it at White Linen Night last week and was surprised at how much stuff can fit into it.”

Even though the NFL just put the rules in place a few weeks ago the rules will be enforced starting Friday night at the Superdome.

Anyone carrying a bag that exceeds the size limits will be turned away at the gate.  So you can expect to see lots of women trudging back to their cars to stow non-conforming bags.

But not Shannon.  She’s got it all in the bag.

To see Shannon’s designs, and order one for yourself (they’re only $40) … click here:

To see the NFL’s new security regulations for purses and bags, click here:


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