Jabari Greer

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New Orleans Saints Cornerback Jabari Greer

Post-Practice Media Availability

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Do you think Patrick Robinson has the ability to play in the slot?


“I think P-Rob is one of the best athletes on our team. I think if that’s what he needs to do, than he’s more than capable of doing it. The way I look at it, we have four starting caliber cornerbacks on our team with P-Rob, Keenan (Lewis), myself, and Corey White. This is a truly competitive secondary and I trust that our coaches are going to use us in the best way to help our team. We’re excited to have P-Rob back and I know he is a guy that is going to play wherever the coaches tell him to play.”


Malcolm Jenkins came into the league as a top cornerback, and made the switch to safety after playing the nickel position for a year. Do you think we could see he and Kenny Vaccaro at some times covering the slot receiver?


“I’m sure that we could. Rob (Ryan) does a great job of creating packages to put our best players on the field. I wouldn’t rule it out, but I’m not going to be the source that says we’re going to put it in. I think we’re going to do something in the end to get our best players on the field.”


Can you talk about the losses of Kenyon Coleman and Joseph Morgan?


“This game is tough. If you know me, I am more invested in who they are as men and as friends of mine than as football players. Being that we have lost two guys with the character of Kenyon and Joe, it really hurts you personally because they are good friends of mine. We just pray for them and try to talk to them and see where they are mentally. Kenyon is a strong man of faith, and I actually felt worse for him yesterday than he felt for himself. I tried to come to him real somber and he said everything is good and everything has a purpose. He really encouraged me with his mindset. I haven’t spoken with Joe yet, but I realize that he is a guy that wants us to go full steam ahead and lift him up and really forget about it. He realizes that he is still a part of our team, but to move on and to bring those other guys in and embrace them in the role that they have.”


Have the young and unproven receivers shown you anything as a defensive back that makes you think that they could find a way on offense to plug the hole left by Joseph Morgan?


“Yes they have. Really the young and unproven receivers we have: Kenny (Stills) has done a great job, his explosion off the line, (and) his explosion in and out of his breaks has really caught my eye. We have some other guys that have come from other teams, Preston Parker and the way he has come up big on situations, Jarred Fayson, he’s a young receiver trying to get in here. We have a couple of (the other) guys that are stepping up. Andy Tanner is stepping up incredibly. I like Brent Leonard, (and) the way he’s really filling that role. Nick Toon is great with his hands. He’s great getting his body position and going up and catching the ball. He’s also a young receiver. I forget that Toon is a young receiver because he carries himself with such maturity that I feel like he’s been here for a while. He is another guy that’s going to get in there and get an opportunity. He is a guy who has shown me that he can embrace the role and he can make plays when called upon. We have a lot of guys that are going to get a lot of opportunities, and I think Toon is going to be one of those guys.”


Which receiver(s) do you look at as that over-the-top receiver in the styles of Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem and Joseph Morgan?


“We have a couple of those guys. Stills is one of those guys; Preston Parker is one of those guys. Fayson can get out there. Brent Leonard has actually shown us some real good speed. I don’t want to leave anybody out. As soon as I leave here I’m going to walk into the locker room and see somebody I forgot, Saalim Hakim, you tell me. We have Steve Breaston. They’ve done a great job of getting guys who fit that mold. I don’t want to leave anybody out or be disrespectful to anybody who deserves that opportunity, but we have seen it in practice, and I’m sure you have gotten many clips of guys who can fly. We are in a production business, and they (front office) find talent to put in there to complement the system. I have faith that Sean (Payton) and Mickey (Loomis) and the coaches are going to put the best player in that position to fill that role.”


Talk about Akiem Hicks, he’s got a pretty big opportunity to step up in Kenyon Coleman’s absence.


“He does. That guy has a motor that continues to go. He is a player that we are looking for to have a good season this year. Akiem Hicks has come such a long way from where he was last year, and it’s his preparation. His presence in the locker room, he’s one of those guys who goes about his work and really takes the job seriously. He’s a young professional and I really look forward to seeing what Akiem has for our team this year.”


How tough is this heat? A couple of guys left practice early because of it, and you guys are in top shape.


“It’s something that we have to face. We realize that we are here in New Orleans and we’re going to have to face it when we go out to practice. We have to get acclimated. It’s not an excuse, We do have to battle through the adversity. I don’t want to stand in front of the cameras and say that it’s too much for us, this is what we get paid to do. When I think that it’s too hot, I look across the lot at Winn Dixie and say ‘Oh, they’re hiring and it’s nice and cool in the refrigerator section.’ I’m glad to be out here and I enjoy this opportunity. So is it too hot for me? No. It’s not too hot for me because I’m living a dream…but it’s hot though.”


(Former Saint) Jonathan Casillas was asked last week in Tampa what’s the biggest difference between here and Tampa? He said that in New Orleans we have an indoor facility. What are your thoughts on those comments?


“I love JC. I’m sorry they don’t have that indoor facility. I wish they did, I’m sorry. Obviously we are out here, we’re getting our work done. When coach feels like it’s time for us to get indoors, we do. We’re getting great work out here in the field. Coach Payton does a great job of measuring the emotional tempo of his players. When he feels like we need to go in, we do. I wish Tampa had that luxury, but they don’t I’m sorry. But you know…Winn Dixie is hiring.”