Drew Brees should tip more, even on to-go orders

If only Oprah would have done one of her final shows on tipping, the world would be a better place.  Well, at least if you’re a waiter.

Saints quarterback and local hero Drew Brees caught some slack nationally when it was revealed he only tipped $3 on a $74 to-go order at a restaurant near his home in San Diego.

Some say a tip isn’t required on a to-go order, others say it is.  I like to tip on to-go orders for two reasons: first, I order to-go orders a lot; and second, I want to take care of the people who take care of me.  Simple as that.

Waiters and waitresses earn about $2 an hour before tips, meaning the tip is where they earn their money.  The standard amount to tip when eating at a restaurant is 20%.  That means 20% of the total bill, including the alcohol and the tax.  20%!   That’s the standard in America.

On to-go orders, 8-10% is standard. Someone is packing that food for you and taking time away from their regular customers to take care of you.

I love Drew Brees.  The single greatest Saint player ever.  The Super Bowl MVP.  But Brees did just ink a $100 million deal.  He should tip a little bit more than $3 on $74.  I bet he learned his lesson.  Now let’s play some football.

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