Annual AKC Dog Show brings award-winning pups to Kenner

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The furriest, fluffiest and finest pups descended in Kenner this weekend!  It was paws to the pavement at the Pontchartrain Center, which played host to the annual AKC Dog Show.  Inside, there were big dogs, hairy dogs, fluffy dogs, white dogs and award-winning dogs!

Gerry Thornton says her pup Phranklin is, “Actually the number one German pincher all breed and has been for 3 years in a row!”  Phranklin’s fought through his fair share of shows and now he’s competing in Kenner, hoping to win the annual AKC event.  “He’s gone to Westminster twice, won the breed there last year.  He’s gone to Eukaneuba, which is an invitational type dog show and basically got an award of merit there.  So he’s done very well in the short career that he’s had.”

Dog owners from around the nation showed off their prized pups.  You could hear the pitter patter of puppy paws as these dogs were just too hot to trot!  Caring for these canines is a big job and Southeast Veterinary Specialists is lending a helping paw.  S.V.S. veterinarian, Dr. Rose Lemarie says, “We’re there just to be on hand in case there’s a problem.  Our facility here is open 24 hours a day, which is important for dog show people because they travel with their pets and they need a facility to go to in case of an emergency.”

Doctors like Rose are on hand at the show as well, to provide the prized pooches with some basic care in a pinch.  “Since the dog show is on the levee or right near the levee a lot of the dogs are walking on the levee and they’ll get stung or maybe step on something, cut their foot or something like that and we’ll help them with that.”  Because a broken bow-wow can’t be the best in show!  It takes healthy and happy hounds to keep their tails wagging… all the way to first place.