Mark Ingram

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New Orleans Saints Running Back Mark Ingram

Post-Practice Media Availability

Tuesday,August 6, 2013


There seems like there were a set of team drills today that almost every other play was a running play so,  in order to have a run game you have to have the reps right?


“Yes, (We are) just trying to get better and you get better with the reps.  Every time you go out there, you have a chance to put it on film and make corrections.  You take a lot of way from watching films. You take away good things; you take away bad things that you learn from so, it’s all about developing every day, growing every single day.  The run game takes repetition for everybody to get comfortable with it for offensive lines, running backs, quarterback and running back exchange for everybody to get on the same page…it takes reps so that’s why we’re putting a lot of emphasis on it in camp.”


I imagine you’re taking a couple of pleasant smiles from the fact that it seems like you’re getting a lot of double digits runs as well. Not just you but, (Darren) Sproles and Pierre Thomas as well.


“Yes, we just want to be effective in the run game. We didn’t have as much success as we wanted to last year. When the saints won the Super Bowl in ’09, they were in the top 10 in the league for rushing so we know how important running the ball is and we just want to be effective and have one of the best rushing games in the league because we have a lot to do. We have the runners to do it, and if we can run the ball effectively, that does nothing but open up passing for Drew (Brees) and all of his receivers we have so that’s definitely a focal point for us.”


Jimmy Graham shared his first meeting about Sean Payton when he came back, anything stand out about your first meeting with him following the end of the 2012 season?


“He just said that we were going to get back to running the football and that he is excited to be back. He told me some things I needed to work on, just things like that.  He just told me he was excited to be back and we were going to get back to running the football. We’re all excited about it.”


Despite some of the injuries in the wide receiver pool, do you feel the offense is progressing the way it should be?


“Yes, I think we’re taking steps every day.  We’re just moving forward, progressing, making strides every single day, improving one day at a time one practice at a time one rep at a time…just getting better and I feel like the more we keep practicing and the more we keep pushing each other, ,the defense is real good and their pushing us.  Their giving us a lot of different looks so they’re out there flying around and competing and we’re getting better.”


How do you feel about the rule change with the helmet? Do you feel that rule was necessary?


“I know they’re talking about player safety and all that, but ever since you’ve been three years old running the football, they taught you how to lower your pads, lower your head and go through a defender, but I guess you can still drop your head but you just can’t lead with the crown of your head and I think it’s just a rule protecting the offensive player and defensive player so I think it’s a good rule.”