Latte Art is Love in a Cup

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It’s expression through espresso. Latte art is a steamy trend, frothing up in the nation’s hottest coffee houses.

“If you have a painting you’ve done, the latte art is actually the person’s signature,” says latte artist Tamara Muro.

“ Who roasted it and how was it done? What type of milk and what kind of cow? That’s the important part, the latte art is just to show that it’s all been prepared properly.”

Muro is the owner of Velvet Uptown and Velvet Central. She spent over two years traveling and training under the best baristas nationwide and now she’s a certified competitor, and it shows in every pour.

“It’s definitely a movement. There are tons of people going to these camps and classes and taking the tests. At the time I passed it I was one of 30 level two baristas, and I believe I’m the only one in this state.”

“It’s very challenging, you can’t just figure it out and go ‘I can do that now’. Every time you do it, it’s hard, very hard and you can lose it, so when you see it, appreciate it, because it is not easy. you’re seeing excellence in a cup,” says Muro.

There is so much time and talent put into each latte art design, it’s a shame to watch it slowly disappear, but that’s when you can enjoy the latte the traditional way. “I believe you can taste the love in the cup.”

Velvet Central is located at 1409 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.

Velvet Uptown is located at 5637 Magazine St.

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