Zach Strief

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New Orleans Saints Tackle Zach Strief

Post-Practice Media Availability

Monday, August 5, 2013


Do you think the defense is making strides quickly?


“Yes, I think it’s a lot for them with the installation early in camp.  There’s a lot of stuff going on and I think you see earlier in camp that their minds are churning picking it up.   Then when they get a chance, I think you look at the scrimmage where both sides we kept everything pretty basic.  The game plans for the scrimmage were pretty elementary and when they aren’t thinking and they are just playing, you can see that they get it.  They have been tough.  There are some unique challenges on our defense right now and that’s good for us and that’s good to see.”


It seems that every team portion is a run play.  Is that different from years past?


“I think you go into every season with a focus.  There seems to always be something as a team, as an offense, as a defense, that you go in and this is the focus of the year.  That’s our focus this year and I don’t think that is a mystery to anybody.  You have probably heard that a lot that the emphasis is running the football.  So, we have changed some things and it’s good to get the reps out here.  But, I think the dedication to it, (and) the commitment to running the ball again will benefit us.”


Is this 3-4 defense a little bit harder to run against?


“I think 3-4s are harder to run against (than 4-3s).  It’s a completely different kind of set of techniques as a (offensive) lineman.  There are a lot of gaps filled up and you have big bodies in the front of it.  We have always struggled a little bit against it.  It’s been great for us to get into camp and play a defense that’s going to play it and see 3-4 guys and work through issues that we had I think we will be a better team for it.”