Steve Breaston

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New Orleans Wide Receiver Steve Breaston

Post-Practice Media Availability

Monday, August 5, 2013

I know you worked out today and you probably have to study the playbook but what are your thoughts on being with the Saints? Obviously, they like to throw the football and you probably knew that coming here.

“It feels good being back out here. I’m grateful they gave me the opportunity. Like you said I have to go learn the playbook and keep working hard. I’m just glad to have an opportunity.”

You’ve been in situations where the quarterback position wasn’t stable. What is it like to have a quarterback like Drew Brees?

“He’s a great quarterback. Just to catch passes from him is a great opportunity. I know the situations I’ve been in but I don’t like to make excuses about that. I just want to come in and work hard and do my part. Just go out there and learn this playbook and get the opportunity to play.”

What’s been some of the challenges waiting to get the call this offseason?

“Just being mentally ready for the workouts. It’s one and done. You have your one chance to go out there and run routes. You have to make the best of it. It’s just the game of football to go out there and take advantage of the opportunity. Not just making it there but trying to finish off and making the team.”

Who threw you the football?

“I was just focused on catching the football. I didn’t even notice.”

It wasn’t Drew Brees?

“No, it wasn’t Drew.”

What was it in the workout that got you the spot?

“I pride myself on my route running. I think that’s what it was. It all comes down to a point where you have to make it happen. I think I’ve always ran good routes. Right now going into camp it’s all about getting open. Running routes on air is one thing but going up against completion is another.”

Obviously, you wanted a gig but when you look around the league were the Saints a team that you wanted to play for?

“Definitely. Around here they play good football. You always want to go into a situation like that. They’re going to push each other and no matter what the outcome is you know you’re going to have a solid team out there.”