Kenny Vaccaro

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New Orleans Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro 

Post-Practice Media Availability

Monday, August 5, 2013


What are your thoughts on the Black & Gold Scrimmage?


“I think we did well. We had some mental errors out there but we watched film today and we’re going to get all that stuff corrected.”


How about your individual performance?


“I did alright. I made a couple of tackles, nothing spectacular. I can do better.”


Does it make a difference having a day off?


“Definitely. My legs are back and I felt fresh out here.”


How much do you like that nickel spot, covering the slot receiver?


“I did it all in college. Honestly, I was primarily the nickel back for four years. I’ve had a lot of experience doing it so I’m real comfortable doing it.”


How do you feel that might change with Patrick Robinson coming back into the fold?


“I really don’t know. Honestly they have me playing a number of positions. I’ve just been doing what I can at each position. I really don’t know. We’ve got great defensive backs so it will be interesting to see which DBs are on the field at one time.”


During the scrimmage did you notice an increase in the speed or tempo of the game?


“Not really. Besides the fact that we were taking guys fully down? Not really. We go full speed in practice every day, except we’re trying to keep guys up. Besides the tackling it’s kind of the same speed.”


How much were you looking forward to being able to tackle? Obviously you play at a high intensity during practice anyway.


“I mean we got to wrap people up. I’m pretty intense at practice so there really wasn’t that much of a difference except that I get to kind of take guys down. But (it was) not much difference for me.”