Cameron Jordan

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan

Post-Practice Media Availability 

August, 5, 2013


What was the good, the bad, and the ugly from the scrimmage?


“Theres still a lot to learn from the scrimmage. We have definitely picked up some things. I defiantly feel like we are moving in the right direction. We should all be ironed up by the first preseason game. It was really promising to see a lot of guys being really active with a lot of high energy. I like where the defense is headed.”


You can’t draw conclusions based on preseason but how much would it mean to this defense to shut down the Chiefs running game after what they did to you last year. I recall you chasing Jamaal Charles down the field. Did that make a statement to the team to do a better job against the run?


“Without a doubt, I believe that the first thing we have to do is establish a good run defense.The way I feel is that our defense has improved in a lot of different positions, a lot of different situations and I defiantly feel like we are on the right path.”


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