Recipe Source: Los Angeles Unified School District

Serving size: 4

2 cup             Beef, Ground Cooked

1 oz                Taco /Seasoning Mix

1 cup             Water

1 cup             Salsa

2 cup             Bean, Pinto Cooked

8 oz                Tortilla chip, whole grain

4 cup             Shredded Lettuce, green leaf

1 cup             Tomato, Roma diced

4 tsp               Cheddar cheese, low fat


Place cooked ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning into a pan.  Add water to pan and mix thoroughly.  Heat to internal temperature of 160F.  After beef crumble mixture is heated, stir in salsa.

Heat pinto beans to temperature of 160F.


Fill four bowls, about 10 oz., with tortilla chips.   Add in layers: lettuce, diced tomatoes, beans, and finally beef mixture.  Top each bowl with a sprinkle of cheese.


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