Lindy Boggs memorialized at St. Louis Cathedral funeral

Family, friends, and political peers remembered former U.S. Representative from Louisiana and Ambassador to the Vatican Lindy Boggs in a funeral at St. Louis Cathedral Thursday.

Crowds began lining up to pay their respects to Boggs two hours before the beginning of the service, as soon as the doors to the cathedral opened to the public.

Boggs will be remembered as a long-time congresswoman, philanthropist, and Ambassador to the Holy See.

“Think about it,” U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu told WGNO News. “The first woman ambassador to the Vatican. An all-male bastion if there ever was one. Lindy was the only person on the planet that could get away with calling the Pope ‘darlin’. And she did it. I heard her do it, and I could not believe it, but he did not flinch when she did.”

“Everybody coming through has one story after another,” said Boggs’s daughter, Cokie Roberts. ” ‘She got my aunt out of a Cambodian refugee camp,’ ‘She got my veterans benefits,’ ‘She got me into the military academy.’ And you know, what was always so perfect about my mother is that she didn’t treat anybody differently than anybody else. The Queen of England and the cleaning lady were the same person.”

Roberts also said that Boggs’s final words were simply, “I love you.”

You can watch the eulogies about Lindy Boggs, along with the entire funeral mass, by clicking here:

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