Friends, Family and Admirers Say Goodbye to Lindy Boggs

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From parties to politics, New Orleans has a lot of important people, and you see them at all the big events.

But every event was an even bigger deal when Lindy Boggs was there.  Thursday morning, her friends, family and admirers said their final goodbyes.

Some of the state’s and the nation’s biggest names in politics and public policy joined everyday folks for Boggs’ funeral.  People who knew Boggs say she treated everyone the same.

“She didn’t treat anybody differently than anybody else.  The Queen of England and the cleaning lady were the same person,” said Boggs’ daughter, Cokie Roberts of ABC News.

Robert says he went out to lunch with her mother a week before she died and she seemed fine.

“She got sick on Wednesday and died Saturday morning.  So she just got sick and died, which at 97, is not a bad thing,” Roberts said.

Speakers at the funeral talked about Boggs’ decades of public service as the first woman from Louisiana to win a seat in the United States Congress, filling the seat of her husband, Hale Boggs, who was killed in a plane crash in Alaska, and later as United States Ambassador to the Vatican.

“I wasn’t sure whether John Paul II had ever been called honey, dear, or darlin’, but he’d better get ready ’cause here come Lindy Boggs,” former senator John Breaux told the crowd at St Louis Cathedral.

Boggs will be buried in New Roads, Louisiana.