Isa Abdul-Quddus

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New Orleans Saints Safety Isa Abdul-Quddus

Post-Practice Media Availability

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Where do you think you are at, not just being a special teams guy, but actually contributing a big part as a safety on defense?


“Right now I am just trying to compete for a spot, maybe in the third down situations.  Right now it is all about competition and making everyone better.”


Are creating turnovers something you are really stressing this year?


“Oh yeah, definitely.  Everyone is trying to get their hands on the ball because that is what makes a good defense.  If we get the ball back, that are more possessions for the offense.”


More about finishing the play?


“Definitely.  If we get the ball in Drew’s (Brees) hands, they are going to put points up.”


What have you seen from Cameron Jordan as a leader of this defense?


“His work ethic is unmatched.  He can run with the defensive backs all the time.  When he is on the field, he is always running to the ball, trying to get the ball.”


What is it like to see Cameron running with the defensive backs?


“First day, it was like dang, he can fly, but now we are kind of used to it. Cam is right there (with the defensive backs).  You always want to beat him because as a competitor and he is like a hundred pounds more than us.”


What is it like to work against Drew Brees, Lance Moore, and Jimmy Graham? How much better does it make you guys?


“I feel like we are getting the best work in the NFL when it comes to that because Drew is one of the smartest quarterbacks in the NFL,  Jimmy is a matchup because he is so big and so fast and Lance’s routes are unmatched.  So I think every day we are getting the best work possible.”


What is your take on some of the younger receivers that are out here?


“They are playing really well.  They are all learning the offense really quick and they are shifting and stuff, so they are playing really well.”


What are your observations on Kenny Vaccaro?


“He is aggressive.  I like how he plays.  He comes down, he is ready to hit you, but he is also patient when it comes to the plays he has to make.  He is smart.”


Can you talk about tight end matchups downfield?


“We have to make sure we have a guy of decent size and speed to cover tight ends nowadays.”