Drew Brees + Sean Payton = the Saints are a threat

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The Saints are back.  And maybe more importantly, Sean Payton is back.  And that means the Saints are a threat.  As long as Drew Brees is at the controls with Payton calling the plays, the Saints are downright dangerous.

If new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan can get the defense playing at just a mediocre level, the sky’s the limit for this team.

Sure, there are a few questions to be answered on offense, like who’s gonna start at the oh-so-important left tackle spot, or who the primary running back will be, or who the 3rd wide receiver is after Marques Colston and Lance Moore; but most of the real questions exist on defense.  That’s where a new defensive coordinator with at least four new starters comes in.

Rob Ryan likes to attack the opposing team’s quarterback relentlessly.  He’ll need help at all 3 defensive positions, defensive line, linebacker, and defensive back to accomplish that.  And he’ll be trying to do it with not one star player.  Unlike the offense, the defense doesn’t have one perennial all-star.  Not one.  But they should be better.

The Saints are back and so is Sean Payton.  Drew Brees is chomping at the bit. All systems are go.  And if Payton and Rob Ryan can get the defense up to speed, this team could be special.  See you in 2 short weeks in the ‘Dome.  The Saints are back.  And so is Sean Payton.  It should be interesting.