Local musicians AZitiZ and Elder Rasta team up

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The Wingin’ It spotlight shined once before on local award winning hip hop and rhythm artist Azitiz (pronounced “as it is”)

On a future Wingin it bill, Reggae and Blues  legend Elder Rasta took center stage.

But separately, unbeknownst to Wingin It, Azitiz and Elder Rasta are now collaborating.

“We decided to do some music together cause he’s awesome and I’m awesome,” jokes Azitiz, who’s real nameis Lalita Garrett.

With Gwendolyn on drums plus  Justin on base, Azitiz and Elder Rasta  are Playing together in public for the first time, “I don’t know it’s like some cosmic karma or something,” says Azitiz.

“And you didn’t even know we knew each other huh? Ha ha ha,” chimes in Rasta.

Hare Krishna Temple in Mid-city on Sunday  is the venue.

“I grew up in this church,” says Azitiz. “Free meals every sunday. All vegetarian but it’s seven course meal . All you can eat for absolute free.”

Elder Rasta says he has always known Azitiz, “It’s just great because  I never knew she grew up to be in the music world. She’s so much more than that now and it feels good to see that  after all these years  she’s an adult and not a baby.”

Fresh off a tour of South Africa, on this day, Azitiz  draws off Rasta’s spiritual  guitar riffs. Then  blends in a variation of rhythms and rhymes absorbed from all over the world.

“We chanting Hindu hymns. Sacred names so if you’re in to yoga and meditation, we’re doing music like that uplifts the spirit. It’s real soul music. Real soul music for everyone. And that’s what kind of music we want to do to help the world.”

Contact by email for Azitiz and Elder Rasta to…. azitiz@live.com