Rooftop Vandals Raid AC Units Closing S&WB Algiers Office

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The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board was forced to close their Algiers customer service office because the air conditioning units were vandalized.

Thieves climbed to the roof top sometime over the weekend damaging several large ac units, impacting other businesses as well.

Shear Luxury Salon shares the same roof top as the S&WB Algiers office.

“These are called package units,” says owner Conrad Adams. “All of the units excepts for two were hit. For some strange reason they never even touched our units.”

Suspected copper thieves ripped apart and robbed the units of valuable metals.

When Adams first climbed to the roof  for damage assessment, he says he knew exactly what the thieves were after, “This is what they were after. The coil itself. So every one of the coils have been taken.”

Adams says as a precaution, Shear Luxury Salon now plans to route their roof top ac units to the alarm system.

The S&WB Algiers office remains closed until further notice.

Customers are asked to utilize the S&WB office at 625 St. Joseph St. in the Warehouse District.

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