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Senior living facility sponsors fan drive for elderly

box-fan-277×177(from Home Life in the Gardens) – Summer months – June through September – inflict considerably high temperatures and humidity in New Orleans. Seniors living in homes without air conditioning or circulating air face a greater risk of heat-related injuries and fatalities during the summer.

At Home Life in the Gardens / formerly Malta Park, our residents have central AC and emergency generators to make the summer months a breeze. However, we know that many seniors do not have these comforts. Even those who have air conditioners may not have the financial means to cool their homes with these units. An electric fan can considerably improve the life of a senior New Orleanian.

Therefore, Home Life in the Gardens is sponsoring a fan drive now through August 5th. We are sponsoring this drive in connection with the birthday celebration of one of residents who turns 99 on August 6th.

We want to collect 99 fans to be distributed through the office of Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell, who will be present at the birthday event on August 6th at 2 p.m.

How to donate a fan

1. Purchase a new electric fan at any area retail store. Box fans cost between $20 and $30.

2. Drop your new box fan off at Home Life in the Gardents / formerly Malta Park at any time between now and August 5th.

3. You can also donate monetary contributions toward the purchase of box fans for senior residents. To donate, mail a check in any amount to Home Life in the Gardens, 1101 Aline St., New Orleans, LA 70115.

Thank you for your donation!

Marie Letellier
Executive Director

For more information about the fan drive, contact Home Life in the Gardens: 504-894-6100 or


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